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Managed IT Services

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Computer Networking

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Computer Repair

Desktop Computer & Laptop Repair Home + Small Business K&G IT Solutions offers a wide ...

On Site IT Support

Onsite IT Support We fully understand that each company is different. We will spend time ....

Website Development

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Software Development

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IT support and computer services

K&G IT Solutions computer specialists and IT consultants can assist with PC support, computer networking and general computer help. We are a fast response IT company in CA. Our computer technicians are always on standby. And our computer consultants are ready to provide cost-saving solutions.

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Software Support

K&G IT Solutions will provide your company with technical support, help desk, software installation services and upgrades. We also provide support & troubleshooting for most off the shelf PC and Apple software. Our software support can be provided by a technician coming to your office, by telephone or by remote support.

We’re a complete IT Solutions Company

We’re the kind of company that keeps businesses like yours humming along smoothly. We can take your IT environment and change it from a common source of frustration around your office to something that isn’t spoken about very often, because it just works.

From risk assessment and advice in waterfront office towers to hands-on activity in the remote jungles of PNG, we add value to any engagement.

Computer Repair

We Don’t Just Make Repairs, We Make Solutions

Hardware Repair

Small business

Screen Replacement
Laptop Hinge Replacements
Laptop Hinge Replacements
Hard Drive Upgrades
Memory Upgrade
Data Backup
Migration Support
Battery Replacements


Installation & Upgrade

Abnormal Applications Behavior
Applications That Won't Install
PC blue screen of death
Computer Software Upgrades
Mac Operating System Updates
Spyware, Rootkit and Popup Removal
Applications Run Slowly
Missing DLL File


Network Installation & Support

Internet Access
Server Support
Remote Computer Access – VPN
Network Security Consulting
Office Relocation & Expansions
Cellular Wireless
Server Configuration

People Seems To Like Us.

Meet Our team

Ludovic Gnoguem

Co-founder( CCNA Certified)

William Sipa

Co-founder ( Information System Professional)



Pedro A

Creative Designer

Cyriac N. Zeh

Software, UXUI & Cloud Engineer

Computer Repairs and Services!

Repairs, Services and Upgrades of all makes and models of desktop computers & Laptop

Hardware Upgrades

Memory (RAM) Upgrade – If you do not know the type of memory required, book your computer in and we will handle everything. A quote will be provided, and if we do not have the RAM module required in stock, we will source it for you. If it is a branded machine, specify the brand and exact model of computer. Hard drive upgrade – Running out of space? K&G IT Solutions can install a larger hard drive in your computer system, reload the operating system and install backed up data. Processors, motherboards and graphics cards can also be upgraded, provided that the computer’s generation fits within market availability.

Faulty Hardware

All internal computer components can be replaced individually, provided that the computer’s generation fits within current market availability. A faulty power supply is often the cause of computer problems which can result in resetting, switching off randomly, or not starting up. K&G IT Solutions can repair or replace the faulty hardware with ease. We have the skills to carry out main board repairs right down to component level repairs. Quotes for a new desktop will be provided where repairs are uneconomical

Hard Drive Problems

Hard drives can be replaced. Various sizes are available. If required, and providing that authentic software and registration keys are supplied, K&G IT Solutions can reload your operating system and software such as Microsoft Office. If data was retrievable, then data transfer can also be carried out. We do not install accounting or proprietary software.

Software Repair Services

Removal of malicious software and restoration of system activity. In some cases a complete system reinstallation may be required. We will make sure that a good antivirus program is installed on your computer (will quote first) CONFIGURATION AND TROUBLESHOOTING OF SOFTWARE Diagnosing and resolving software problems, eliminating errors and restoring software to its normal operation

Installation Of Software

Installation of software or other programs for which the original installation disks are provided by the client. Please note that this does not include proprietary or accounting software as these are specific to your company and mostly require specialists in their respective fields. May be required to solve incompatibilities with hardware, device issues, sound, network, or video problems. Also required after hardware or software upgrades or changes, reinstallation of Windows, and for bug patches.

Data Transfer / Data Backup

All retrievable data from a hard drive can be transferred onto a new hard drive – often carried out with the purchase of a new computer. Hard drive cloning is a quick and painless way of mirroring one hard drive onto another, implemented in the instance where a hard drive is upgraded, within the same machine, and the old hard drive was still functioning optimally. If required we can assist with the backup of data. Please note: Trouble shooting, configuration and installation of software does not cover any proprietary or accounting software programs.

Let’s work together

Give us a try and request your free technology audit and assessment. Have us perform a comprehensive audit of your network. We evaluate your network based on industry standards and we look for hidden problems developing under the surface that could turn into big, critical issues. This can potentially cost your business thousands in wasted productivity, downtime, and data loss.